About James Investment Research (JIR)


James Investment Research, Inc. (JIR) is a registered, independent investment management firm established in 1972, by Frank James, Ph.D. and currently serves as advisors to corporations, foundations, hospitals, financial institutions, and private investors. Dr. James doctoral dissertation was the seminal work challenging the random walk theory and his concept of relative strength is still used by the firm today. The company is known for its successful conservative style and innovative research.

JIR President’s Vision: To be recognized as the best investment firm in America. Because we try to follow God honoring principles, we will spearhead a dramatic improvement in the reputation of our industry. The investing public will finally have peace of mind because all firms will put their clients' interests first and will achieve their financial goals.

JIR Mission: Our team of professionals is committed to providing clients with peace of mind through time-proven research, premier service and consistently superior investment performance. We are dedicated to supporting and respecting one another and our community, which we believe will provide the rewards of continued growth and shared profitability.